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April 02, 2019

The Exhilarating Process of creating an in-house studio and why you should try!

It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time and so, in the summer of 2016 my  husband and I decided that instead of a studio separate from the house and requiring time to commute, we would make my art studio the very center of our house since creativity was running through every nook and cranny of this Tuscan loft shaped house of ours anyway.

The idea flourished. We transformed our formal dining room into a …studio! Et voila, we put my studio, smack in the middle of our house and adjacent to the kitchen. For someone who “creates” recipes as much as I create art, this all seemed nirvana… for a while… Granted, the idea was original and fun; entertaining guests, improvising diners or spur of the moment invites; it all happened around … the studio table.

And yet something was amiss in this equation. As I understand it today it was all about the underrated reality of a“safety zone for creation.”

In truth, I felt the delicate genie of creation was constantly being interrupted by… well the very fact of having to rearrange the studio into a dining event. And I was increasingly dreaming of a studio not in the least burdened by a beautiful creative mess made of paint, not food! From feeling of unease (or admittedly a growing deal of anguish) a vision slowly emerged and brought forth the idea and realization of a “real” home studio.

Why not build an art studio inside the house by adding a floor above our jacuzzi room? Did I mention we live in a house that has hot mineral waters in a beautiful atrium ? And with that genius concept in tow, an amazing pile of dust and debris was generated and even more sweat and tears…

But then the dream materialized, slowly, painstakingly

We transformed our oversized hot mineral jacuzzi atrium into an intimate and cozy jacuzzi room and I finally have my dream studio!

I can barely begin to tell you what this new space has been doing and is doing for the creation of art. I sense that this is but the beginning of wonder-filled adventures…

So why not you? Transform any space small or big into YOUR dream vision. It takes lot of hard work, trust, resilience and good friends. But worth the try!

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