When I first read the article in the Desert Sun that this stunning, internationally known artist lived right here in Coachella Valley, I was drawn to a beautiful painting in the background with her photo.

It immediately brought my lifelong fantasy to life – of dancing on tables in a little Greek seaside village with the locals (Opa!).

My Papou was Greek and I always wanted to experience that side of my heritage. Then, several years later, I was at an outdoor Art Stroll and there was the very painting, larger than life in my eye. And beautiful Cecile was smiling and gracious, as I have learned, is her very essence. It turns out, it was created in Greece on the Mediterranean, where she spent several years.

I have come to learn that all her work touches people personally, because it comes from her heart’s magical vision, to ours. No wonder she also becomes friends with her collectors.

My second Cecile painting, was a commissioned piece. Being the maverick animal lover that I consider myself to be, she was inspired to create a piece with wild Zebras called “Rebel.” Only one is headed in a different direction!

So, thank you, Cecile, for sprinkling your creative pixie dust on my life. Through your art, mentorship and friendship. I can’t wait to see what you create next!

Cathie Coats - Desert Hot Springs, California



Hi to all,

Having just purchased a new yacht, I was looking for art work but found nothing that worked - my logo for the boat is the Sea Horse, and all I found was corny, ordinary seascapes - Then I met Cecilia !  It was love at first sight - we talked and talked and I took her to the boat and she  “Got It” !!!

I commissioned her on the spot -

The artwork she created is beyond, there are no words - its fabulous and all who come aboard marvel at the colors, the motion and the whimsy of each piece. There are 11 of her pieces gracing  the interior and each one brings joy not only to me but all who see it !

Thank you, My Dear Friend, for  sharing your rare talent and friendship with me.


Carol Parks

M/Y Sea Filly -  West Palm Beach, Florida


The Birth of Pegasus - a Masterpiece!

It was during a highly stressful time that we first met Cecilia and saw The Birth of Pegasus.  We were stunned by the subtle colors which magically take on an entirely new life during certain times of the day.   

It was easy to fall in love with Cecilia - how can you not be touched by her charming, compassionate and helpful nature.  But then there's her artwork - beyond unique, beyond alive!  The colors, the themes, the multi-faceted creations of an angel.

The Birth of Pegasus has such tremendous and personal meaning to us.  If our house ever caught fire - this is the one thing we'd grab right after our pets.   And while we are confident that her art will only increase in value, this is one piece we will never, ever sell.

Juliette & Frank Guidara - Nahant, Massachusetts 


When Pierre and I met, some twenty years ago, our first lovers’ escapade was one filled with magic! I invited him to the opening night of one of Cecile’s one woman shows in a renown Brussels’ gallery.

There and then Pierre conspired to set up a mysterious rendezvous, where I was brought under a false pretense. I was lurked into Cecile’s studio to be offered a watercolor! My very first painting was titled “River Ganges.” The experience was a perfect blend of joy and torment where heart and eyes were drawn in so many directions. Each of her attractive works tells a tale, recalls a stolen moment or evokes a particular emotion.

We have acquired many works throughout the years and all of these artworks are akin to open windows to a world of enchanting landscapes and beings. They also represent her evolution as an artist.

The stories of her watercolors remain as fresh and inviting as ever. Be it waking up in the morning, journeying through the day or savoring the soft whisper of an evening, the work of this talented and luminous artist is truly sunshine in a bottle, a sunshine beaming on our lives and adding inspiration.

Gina and Pierre Herinckx -Belgium