JOIE DE VIVRE - Limited Edition

Cécile Hubené

LE- C- AQUA - 8 A

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This is fine art archival edition of my original painting JOIE DE VIVRE (Joy of Life) from the Aquafauve Collection.

There is a saying around my studio and it goes something like: “ if you long for an exotic place, just paint it!”  Most of my Aquafauve collection are drawn from memories of happy times spent under the Mediterranean sun. I can can still hear the crickets and smell the lavender, thyme and rosemary fill the air.

“Joie the vivre” was created celebrating particularly sweet summers in the French Var region, close to St Tropez.  The original art is now adorning a beautiful house in Southern California. This acquisition, as many similar ones before, remind me that when artists paint happy recollections it is powerfully evocative to others, allowing each and every one of us to “color in” the settings of our own happy memories.

Each Limited edition is printed on high quality textured substrate, which is more durable than stretched canvas. The editions are not only signed and numbered, the sides are finished in continuation of the theme. It comes ready to hang, eliminating the need for custom framing.  This wrapped canvas has the additional advantage of avoiding wrinkles, sagging, unsightly folds in the corners and stretcher bar lines. 

The inkjet technology uses UV light to cure the ink, eliminating the need for extra coatings. These UV cured inks are solvent free and contain no environmental pollutants, contrary to the commonly used solvent-based printing. 

The result is a superior quality and environmentally friendly Fine Art Canvas! 

The finished limited edition comes wrapped in protective paper for extra protection. It is shipped in a heavy-duty box. The art produced in limited edition format has a set number of prints available for each size offered, never more than 100! 

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