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Cécile Hubené


Mission Impossible

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Prayers in the Wind

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Dear Collector

Dear Collector: I love you! For the past 30 years you have appreciated, loved and trusted my art enough to give it a home and have reserved a sacred space for this art in your house or office. For enduring relationships and friendships THANK YOU! I feel honored and blessed to have my art on your walls and you in my life!

Dear Art Lover: Thank you for your enthusiasm, I am grateful for your eyes and heart exploring my art. Acquiring a first piece of my original artwork, artist’s proof, or limited edition is often the beginning of a rewarding experience.
Every new collector is a blessing !
You are opening the door to an adventure steeped in gratitude and are giving me the opportunity to share a sense of mystery and beauty with you…To touch someone new remains as fresh and exciting as the day I sold my first piece of art. 
Perhaps my art will adorn your walls soon and be a little part of your life. This is why I get out of bed every day waltzing: knowing that my art will inspire you in untold ways. Let’s celebrate an enchanting journey together… where pumpkins come to life; where all unicorns will be well taken care of: where fish will swim freely and where your glass of wine sitting on that Tuscan table will never be empty.
I secretly know that the art will continue to inspire something small or big in you, something joyous or profound …

Cecile Hubene