Cecile Hubene is a Belgian-American artist based in California. Her work has been displayed internationally.

The appeal of Cecile’s work is unequivocal, generated by her ability to express a unique atmosphere while at the same time drawing the viewer in. Her visual storytelling is universal and yet personal. It speaks to our individual experience with a voice of familiarity.

Cecile’s art and personality reverberate a sense of exuberance, enthusiasm, empathy and hope. Born in Europe but living in the US since 1997 the tones

of her native culture permeate her work while brushing against the aesthetic concepts of her adopted culture. The result is a refreshing mosaic, depicting how she sees the world, or perhaps, redefines it.

Within this vibrant concert of color, texture and shapes, Cecilia’s signature expression always shines through and this style very much her own.

Cecile was born in Ghent, Belgium. After completing a formal education as a lawyer and following a brief career in the international legal environmental arena, she decided to devote her life to painting while also traveling the world.

The renown Belgian painter Jacques Wolmans profoundly influenced the young artist, acting as a de facto mentor. He urged her to forgo a formal art education, which, he believed would stifle her rapidly emerging style and tamper with the spontaneity of her expression

Within two years of their initial encounter Cecile had her first solo show in a popular Brussels gallery.

For the next twenty years she went on to have biennial solo gallery exhibitions, mainly throughout Europe.

She has participated in international salons, fairs and juried events, such as the Dusseldorf Art Fair in Germany and Lineart, the International Art Fair in Ghent, Belgium and has been a laureate of the Paris Salon d’Automne for three consecutive years as well as of the Cannes and Deauville Art Festivals in France.

She has organized a number of fundraising events around her art, benefitting the World Wildlife Fund and other non-profit organizations or institutions.

Cecile’s paintings are part of private and corporate collections worldwide.

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